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JK Engineering provides supply chain integration by combining core capabilities with global supply chain expertise.


The ideal JK Engineering supplier is a strategic long term partner and an industry leader in their area of expertise. JK Engineering suppliers will thrive to achieve best value at all times; value being defined as quality, delivery and competitive cost. Suppliers will be diverse and integrate direction towards JK Engineering’s long term business goals.

As JK Engineering expands operations, they are pursuing qualified suppliers to partner with. Our relationships embody similar values such as common ethics and conduct as well as long term commitment to the aerospace industry at large.


  • A strategic long term partner
  • An industry leader in their expertise
  • Thrives to achieve best value at all times (quality, delivery, competitive cost)
  • Diverse supplier, willing to integrate direction towards JK Engineering’s long term business goals
  • Embodies similar ethics and conduct
  • Long term commitment to aerospace

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* Does the company have a policy on EHS (Environmental, Health, & Safety)

* Does the company have a policy on Quality?

* Are there any written job descriptions defining each individuals responsibilities?

* Does your company have a documented Quality Management System?

* Is your company Certified to any of the following?

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* Is formal document control utilized in your company processes that includes revision level controls and date effectivity?

* Is your company capable of identifying changes/deviations that may impact JK Engineering's use of the product, and subsequently provide notifications to JK Engineering‘s prior to implementation and shipment?

* Is there an internal-audit program?

* Which department reviews and approves production and procedures?

* Is a list of approved suppliers used?

* Is there a documented procedure for approval of suppliers?

* Is there a system for monitoring or reviewing suppliers' performance?

* Are established Purchase Specifications used?

* Do you have agreements in place with all your suppliers that require them to notify you of any change in raw material or the manufacturing process of the product supplied?

* Do you prevent any unauthorized "deemed exports" of ITAR and EAR controlled products and technical data to unauthorized persons?

* How is material status controlled?
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* How is rejected material status controlled?
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* Does your company have non-conforming materials & process deviation controls?

* Are critical processes validated?

* Is there traceability throughout the process?

* Is there an equipment use log?

* Are all critical instruments calibrated?

* Is there a non-conformance procedure?

* Are certificates signed by QA/QC?

* Are there completed written training records for all employees?

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