Technology @ JK Engineering


3D Scanning

We have added a Romer Arm with Scanner to our inspection to better complement our CMM which also gives us the ability to inspect parts such as molds, etc. We also have the ability to fully scan any part to get all measurements and then create a solid model.

Lean Machining

We have added a DMG MORI NLX2500/700 state of the art lathe with the new Celos Control. This will help us better manage jobs that will need to be manufactured on machines. The versatility of having two touch screen monitors allows the operator to multi-task between parts and programs. These machines have the Highest accuracy due to thermo-symmetrical construction and an integrated cooling system in the machine bed to enhance and improve thermal properties.

Live Job Tracking

Real-time shop floor data collection helps job tracking throughout our manufacturing and production process. It is critical for on-time deliveries which translates to satisfied customers. Using bar-coded & RFID job tracking software allows our employees to scan on and off each operation of the production order while tracking quantity built and scrapped.

Inspection Gage Tracking

JK Engineering's Inspection Gage Management eliminates many issues related to tool control, leading to increased productivity and lower risk. The system incorporates hardware, software, and RFID technology to help us efficiently manage our calibration & tool use. Proper organization is essential in order to keep track of the vast quantity of inspection tools available JK Engineering’s Inspection Department.

While tools are on the floor, JKE ERP track their movements across the facility. This limits the time spent searching for lost gages, eliminates damage, and helps to maintain AS9100 compliance—all of which contribute to increased production and reduced costs.

3D Printing Utilized

JK Engineering utilizes 3D printing of prototype parts to help us better visualize the part from the very beginning. Having a 3D printed part is an advantage over conventional/traditional models for developing layouts and planning techniques in lean activity.